We have a dream: launch Teelent!

Hello! We introduce ourselves…We are a group of independent creatives who love to dream with open eyes. People of the world who have consumed roads of ink, colors, ideas, translating them into “communication” and we have a dream in the drawer; and we want to tell you our dream! Every day we meet talents: just as we were many years ago. Probably it happened to you too! Artists with great creative potential who engage, dream, sometimes they delude themselves but continue to believe “I will do it” even if they do not have the resources to realize their dreams and have the right visibility. Our dream? Looking for them, finding and making them a community and, thanks to our skills in adverstising and fashion, trying to give them a showcase window, making them known and appreciated all over the world. But above all helping them in finding the funds to realize their projects, even the simpliest: buying a new equipment, taking a trip to get inspiration, training an exhibition or anything else that can help them to make their talent emerge! AND ALL FOR FREE AND MAKING THEM EARN 4 TIMES!


You put your TEElent: we take care of everything!

All for free!

Our project? Matching the potential of the network with our communication strenght, taking them in the most visible field today – fashion – and turning for free your talent in a real teelent: unique and exclusive capsule collections of t-shirts as your art and to sell them all over the world. HOW?

You tell us your goal

We open your e-shop

We do advertising

We take care of production and delivery

And you? You earn 5 times!

We take care of everything, for free and then we divide into two equal parts! We open an e-shop, we do advertising, we take care of production and delivery. You only have to dedicate yourself to the creation of your artworks and to tell them to the world as much as you can. You will get 50% of the earnings from every item sold of yours. And the price? You decide it!

You earn 50% of the earnings
on every sold item of yours

You earn 70% from
every donation!

Every purchase, a possible supporTEEr! Everyone who will purchase your artwork can decide to offer any sum starting from the price established by you. A way to support your art and give a boost to your goal.

Anyone sells, you earn. Easy. Becoming an arTEEst you will get a code you can share through email, on social media or anywhere you want. What’s this for? For everyone who will buy any product of any artist using that code, you will earn 5%. An additional help from us from Teelent for you to get your goal.

You earn 5% on the sales
of any other arTEEst.

And if you are the best you get
500€ and the contract!

You sign a beastly capsule collection and sell all over the world! Moreover, if you’ll be the best, you will get a contract with Manymal, the famous streetwear brand that since 2012 has been selling collections of artistic tshirts all over the world

A Team working for you! And finally, a real Business School where you can create networking, participate in remunerated contests, have job opportunities and enter a training program with tips, lessons and tips on how to improve your performance. A dream? No! is the TEELENT ACADEMY!

Plus you have all the services
of the Teelent Academy.

We know it, we know it. You’re thinking “it’s too good to believe it”. You’re right, but in a lifetime sometimes the good things happen and it’s up to you to seize them. What about you? You catch them? Don’t you? Well, what does your gut tell you?

And what do you have to do? Your footprint is your earning

Put your inspiration, your creativity, your talent, so, your footprint will make your scatchy hand recognizible in your Teelent creations. Upload your graphics, create your own collection and start immediately to earn with your Teelent t-shirts. A few steps and you will be a Manymal artist. There is only one condition: your style has to be aligned with our philosophy, because these are much more than t-shirts or sweatshirts. They are a deep thought and a way of being. Otherwise it’s quicker for you to print on any other website of tshirts where it’s all grist for the mill and everyone is creating tshirts, don’t you?

1: Create your

Open your profile, declare your goal and send us your graphics through the form below: if they make us crazy you immediately become one arteest of ours, we sell your creations and activate your affiliation code.

2: Share
on social media

The more you share, the more you will earn through your sales and from the ones of the other arTEEsts, the more possibilities you will have to get the contract with Manymal. Share your graphics once online: let your followers know how beautiful your Teelent and the ones of your colleagues are.

3: Get your
extra earnings

You get a 50% from your sold creations, the 5% from the ones of the other arTEEst thanks to your affiliation code and the donations of your supporters. You will always keep the artistic property of your artworks!

4: Ask for

Upon reaching the sum of € 100 you can request the transfer to your PayPal account. We do everything ourselves: the rest are peanuts.

Parola agli arTEEst

Word to the arTEEsts

Do you think to have TEElent?!

WELL! Fill in the form below, attach some graphics and wait for 48 hours. We’ll get in touch to give you the confirmation if you have the right hand to start earning with us.

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